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Innovators ($5,000+) 
June SL Chan
Maryjoan Ladden*
Nancy Ridenour
Fran Roberts
Mary Kay VanDriel
Louise Woerner

Influencers ($2,500 - $4,999)
Ann Cary
Shirley Chater
Kate Fiandt
Jerry Spicer
Kathleen Sullivan

Ambassadors ($1,500 - $2,499)
Joyce Batcheller
Suzanne Boyle
Kathy Davis
Cindy Reistroffer
Tracy Schreiner
Casey Shillam

Champions ($500 - $1,499)
June Altaras
Susan Apold
Guardia Banister
Judy Beal
Stephanie Bennett
Pamela Clarke
Karen Cox
Erin Denholm
Joy Deupree
Shon Dwyer
Margaret Franckhauser
Darcy Jaffe
Kate Malliarakis
Joan Marren
Claudia Mitchell
Lois Skillings
Kelly Stamp

Supporters (up to $499)
David Altman
Debra Arnow
Cynthia Barginere
DeLaine Bender
Sue Birch
Emily Calabro
Lynn Dunphy
Melinda Earle
Paul Gam
Greer Glazer
Angela Green
Warren Hebert
Keela Herr
Teresa Hultquist
Becky Keck
Jennifer Mallow
Jerry Mansfield
Suzanne Miyamoto
Jennifer Morton
Cecilia Page
Teri Pipe
Cheri Rinehart
Rose Rivers
Jewel Scott
Deborah Swanson
Kristen Swanson
Donna Thompson
Silvia Torres
Vivian Torres-Suarez
Sharon Tucker
Suzan Ulrich
Barbara Wadsworth
Deborah Washington
Mona Wicks

Matching Donor*
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation