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Fellowship Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship experience?
The NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders Program is designed for high potential nurse leaders who are preparing to move into a new or first time leadership role, those early in their leadership journey, and/or those transitioning to a  leadership role in a new context or setting.

The program utilizes the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Front Line Leader Impact Program, an advanced leadership curriculum combined with self-directed, individualized leadership development activities and delivered through in-person and technology-facilitated formats. CCL is an internationally recognized for its leadership development expertise. The NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders program uses CCLs expertise and NurseTRUST mentors who have completed the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellowship Program.

What are the benefits of completing NurseTRUST programs?
Foremost is the opportunity to participate in a high-level leadership development program designed specifically for nurses in leadership positions, with learning activities tailored to each Fellow's unique professional development needs and goals. NurseTRUST leaders are recognized and respected within their organization as innovators who think and act collaboratively and who negotiate and influence differently to positively impact the course of nursing and health care. 

How do I become a NurseTRUST Emerging Leader?
Applications are submitted through the The program call for application for the 2024  cohort will be released on August 9, 2023 and the program will begin at the NurseTRUST Summit in Austin, TX  from April 7-9, 2024. Frontline nurse leaders from all sectors are encouraged to apply including but not limited to public health, acute, ambulatory & long-term care, academia, community health centers, mental health, businesses, government, self-employed, etc.

How many applicants are chosen for each cohort of the program?
Each cohort will consist of 24 nurse leaders. The application process consists of two parts. The candidate must submit a completed application and their Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with a letter of support from their sponsor. The sponsor may be a current NurseTRUST member or a nurse leader  in the organization. In the second phase, semi-finalists will  have a virtual interview with members of the NurseTRUST Fellowship Review Committee. 

What is expected of a NurseTRUST Emerging  Leader Program participant?
It is expected that the Fellow will:

- Participate fully in the eight-month program 

- Attend all program meetings and seminars

- Develop an individualized  key leadership development project 

 - Actively engage in a mentor experience 

 - Complete a final project report for presentation (written or oral)

Can I keep my full-time job and still participate in the program at the same time?
Yes, the 8 month fellowship program is designed so that participants can remain in their current positions. Also, the program includes a leadership development project that should be developed with your employing organization. This leadership project provides you with an opportunity to learn and apply new leadership skills but also address issues that are important to your organization's future.

What are the estimated time commitments associated with the program?
The program is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible. Leaders are expected to attend all program meetings and virtual and webinar programs. The mentor experience will provide opportunities to learn from senior nurse executives. Time commitments for meetings include attending the NurseTRUST Annual Summit,  April 7-9, 2024. 

Do mentees receive any financial resources?
We encourage applicants to seek financial support from their organization. Limited scholarship funding is available to select applicants who demonstrate leader potential and financial hardship.

Do I have to pay for my own travel expenses to attend program meetings?
Fellows are responsible for travel and accommodation expenses to the NurseTRUST Annual Summit.  

How will I be matched with a NurseTRUST mentor? 
Mentors are designed to support the Fellow’s leadership development and will be matched based on the Fellow's leadership and project goals. Also, to optimize  leadership development within the fellow's organization, each fellows identifies an organization mentor who would provide an additional leadership development support. 

Can you tell me more about NurseTRUST?
NurseTRUST was established by senior nurse leaders who completed the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows program and who are committed to developing the next generation of exceptional nurse leaders who are well prepared to lead and sustain improvements in equitable, accessible, high-quality health care. NurseTRUST members consists of  leaders who have senior roles in public health, academia, acute, ambulatory and long term care, businesses, philanthropic organizations or who may have an entrepreneurial business.

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