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Application Deadline for 2024 has closed. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Emerging Leaders Program 
In 2023, NurseTRUST opened its EFellowship Program with the Emerging Leaders Program and will continue to focus on Emerging Leaders in 2024.

Press Release

We welcome you to read the following letter to our NurseTRUST Colleagues and Friends about our Fellowship program powered by the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellow Alumni and in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership.

Letter to Colleagues and Friends

Accessible, individualized, high-quality care is dependent on exceptional nursing leadership. The pipeline of nurse leaders must be developed and sustained in order for nursing to be full partners in decision making related to the health of our population and our health care system. NurseTRUST is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to engage nurses in life-changing leadership. Our purpose is to add unparalleled value through trusted and collaborative relationships, to inspire and equip nurse to lead courageously to advance health and healthcare at local, regional and national levels.

The NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship Program will focus on three levels of nurse leaders: 1) Emerging Leaders; 2) Experienced Leaders, and 3) Executive Leaders. The first two cohorts will be the Emerging Leaders program. Key components of the programs include structured education through webinars, 360 degree assessment, mentorship, a learning project individualized to the leader participant, cohort experiences including team building, and an in-person session at the annual NurseTRUST Summit.

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What is the NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders Program?
Thank you for your interest in the NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders Program. The program is designed for nurses in all settings and sectors, such as academia, practice, public health, community, policy, and research, that are new to leadership roles and/or those adjusting to leadership roles in a new setting or context.

The  program was developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), in collaboration with NurseTRUST, and is based on CCL’s successful Frontline Leader Impact Program.  CCL is a global leader in leadership development and has collaborated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and NurseTRUST for many years. NurseTRUST is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to engage nurses in life-changing leadership. Through adding unparalleled values based on trusted and collaborative relationships, NurseTRUST aspires to intentionally advance healthcare to improve health and to inspire and equip nurses to lead courageously.

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In an 8 month interactive format, the NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders Program focuses on six key competencies that are essential for emerging leaders to master: self- awareness, learning agility, communication, political savvy, influencing outcomes, and motivating others. The advanced leadership curriculum is delivered through virtual and in-person methods and combines the curriculum with self-directed, individualized leadership development activities and mentoring. A total of 24 nurse leaders will be accepted into the program.

Benefits to Participants include:

  • Gain a detailed picture of your personal strengths and challenges 
  • Achieve skills on how to listen, speak, and write clearly and consistently for maximum impact
  • Integrate techniques for influencing others effectively to gain cooperation and get things done
  • Design strategies for inspiring commitment and building strong working relationships
  • Develop a long-term Leadership Growth Plan that's actionable and measurable 

Benefits to Sponsoring Organizations include:

  • Better preparing emerging leaders: Those new to leadership roles or transitioning to a new setting or context will be better prepared from day one for the challenges and complexities facing health care leaders now and in the future. These newly prepared leaders will then mentor others in your organization
  • Return on investment: Participants will learn from and develop ongoing relationships with other new leaders across the country that will bring new ideas and innovations into your organization/health system
  • Better recruitment: Investing in staff leadership development can pay dividends and encourage well prepared nurses to join your organization and increase the quality, safety and equity of the care provided. 

Jordan Yakoby 2023 NurseTRUST Emerging Leader graduate: "The NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship was an amazing program that has really made me more introspective about the leadership journey. While I've always been some to ponder, this Fellowship made me more deliberative in my approach to leadership. I am now hyper focused on what the goal is, who the stakeholders are, and how they might perceive the situation. And above all, I have really come to appreciate now more than ever the need for meaningful consultation with team members and colleagues before embarking upon a course of action. To say that this has been a transformative experience is an understatement. I've gotten some really great pearls from my mentor. Thank you for including me in the NurseTRUST journey!'

Shelley Thompkins, CCL: “Frontline Leader Impact brings together CCL’s world-class content and experienced faculty to deliver an effective online leadership development experience that serves the needs of organizations looking to develop their frontline managers.”

Program Costs and Application:
The cost for the Emerging Leaders program is $5,000 This includes the 8 month program, registration for the in-person 2024 NurseTRUST Summit, personalized mentor guidance by a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow Alumnae throughout the program and an annual NurseTRUST membership.

Each fellow should identify a mentor from his/her organization to optimize the fellow's leadership experience. The fellow's organization mentor will be given a one year complimentary membership to NurseTRUST.

It is ideal that the applicant seek sponsorship from their respective employer/organization. The leader or his/her sponsor is responsible for travel to and lodging at the 2024 Summit and for providing release time for the Leader to fully participate in the virtual program sessions.  The 2024 Summit will be held in Austin, TX, April 7-9, 2024.   

Program Timeline for the 23-24 Cohort 

  • January 31, 2024: Applications Due (New Extended Deadline!)
  • Ongoing:  Selected semi-final applicants will be invited to schedule a virtual interview with members of the Program Review Committee. 
  • Ongoing: Finalists will be notified of acceptance into program.
  • February: Fellow Program Kickoff
  • March 2024: The NurseTRUST Emerging Leaders Program will begin just prior to the April 7-9, 2024 NurseTRUST Summit in Austin, TX. Attendance at the Summit is required.

How are NurseTRUST Fellows selected?
Nurse leaders from all healthcare sectors are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to hospital, long-term care, community care centers, public health, mental health, academia, business, government, self-employed, etc. Highly diverse cohorts are sought with 24 leaders per cohort. NurseTRUST embrace diversity, equity and inclusion and we encourage applicants with diverse backgrounds to apply to the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship Program. Most importantly, each applicant must aspire to lead and shape health care locally and nationally.

Applicants will be screened, interviewed, and selected by the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship Committee.

Fellows are assigned two mentors for the duration of the program. One mentor will be a member of NurseTRUST and another one will be from the fellow's organization. Mentors from the fellow's organization are given complimentary membership in NurseTRUST for one year. 

Contact Us
For questions about the program, please contact us at [email protected] or 859-514-9164.

Learn more about the program through the following resources and documents.  


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